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Talk Blocked: Better Know a Podcast

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Welcome to the first in what will be an ongoing series, “Better Know a Podcast”. Each column will feature a smaller podcast you may not have heard of. Shout out to the great community at  /r/Podcasts for the suggestions.

What is Talk Blocked?

Talk Blocked is described as “a podcast detailing anecdotal amusement for your ear holes hosted by Cody and Steve-O”. Hey, you know what? This is generally accurate!

The episodes generally fall into two distinct categories: the first being the standard “two guys hanging out bullshitting around”. The other type of episode is Cody and Steve-O (or a friend of theirs) tells an anecdote of theirs. Cody and Steve-O then give their own separate commentary interspersed.

The podcast was re-introduced from hiatus recently, and episodes are being broadcasted as “Season 2”. In total, they’ve released 22 episodes, with more being released on a weekly or biweekly basis.

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Review of Talk Blocked

Review #1: “Episode S1E11 – Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug”

The first episode I listened to was entitled “Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug”. It revolves around their friend that gets invited onto a yacht to meet Rick James, and well, frankly, I don’t want to ruin the rest of it. The story is not only absolutely hilarious, but their friend is also quite adept at telling the tale. The story is broken every so often for Cody and Steve-O to discuss certain plot points in a “what would you do?” discussion.

It’s actually incredibly well done, and I’m surprised to have not seen this type of storytelling replicated in other podcasts. This podcast was actually so well done I included it in my weekly listening recommendations because it’s one of the funniest 40 minutes I’ve had a pleasure to listen.

Review #2: “Episode S2E2 – 5 Ways to Get Your Wife Fired from a New Job”

The next podcast episode I listened to was entitled “5 Ways to Get Your Wife Fired from a New Job”. This story is another hilarious anecdote revolving around a new job, a boss, and a barbecued steak. Similar to the previous episode, Cody and Steve-O take breaks in the story to discuss various plot points.

While this episode is not as hilarious as the Rick James episode above, it does hold its own quite well. The episode is also only 13 minutes long compared to the 42-minute length of the Rick James episode. Changing the episode lengths based on the quality of the anecdotes is a nice way of ensuring the episodes stay tight from a quality perspective, no matter the story being told.

Finding the Podcast

Right off the bat, it was a little challenging finding the right episodes of the podcast. It was easy to listen to the S1E11 episode that the team chose for me, however it got more challenging from there. I listened to what I thought was their latest episode called “Episode 21 – Straight2Streaming – Green Street 3”. According to their website and Stitcher feed though, it appears that the particular episode I listened to had been deleted and was replaced with a different one altogether. I’m not sure what happened there, and I won’t post my notes from the “lost” episode (as I chalk it up to a technical error), however I recommend to them that they iron out those issues as soon as possible so as to not confuse other listeners.

Quality of Production

I am overall very impressed by the quality of the production in Talk Blocked. The speaking voices are crisp and clear, and the stories often have background music. The music is often has a funky beat that lends well to the wackiness of the stories being told. All in all, there are absolutely no issues with the production quality of the show, and I’d even rank it higher than some of the Top 10 podcasts out there. Congratulations on Cody and Steve-O for that!

Future Potential

I think that Talk Blocked has a strong potential in front of them due to the quality of the hosts, the quality of the audio production, and the quality of the stories being told within the episodes. The technical hiccups I ran into in finding the episodes must be an easy fix, however they should to be revised immediately so as to not confuse potential new subscribers. I do also worry that eventually their stories will run dry, and if so, they will need to find new ways to introduce new anecdotes. Their friends, no doubt, will lend themselves well to the podcast. All in all, I see a great future potential with Talk Blocked and I look forward to seeing where Cody and Steve-O take the show moving forward.

Conversation with the Talk Blocked Hosts

1)      How long have you guys known each other for? You have a good rapport and are pretty hilarious talking to each other.

We have been friends since the 3rd grade where we would discuss Top Gun, Goonies and other 80s movies on the playground. Over the years, we played in bands together and after our dreams of rock stardom died, we decided to try our hand at podcasting. We still bust out some minor third harmonies on guitar but with the amps off because our wives don’t like the noise.

2)      Can you give me some background on you two? What’s your day jobs? What drove you to make a podcast in the first place?

Steve-O is a butcher and links his own sausage. Cody landed a role as a high level business executive by kissing a lot of buns and BS-ing his way up the corporate ladder. Since we were no longer playing music, we needed to do something with those extra microphones, and already had a love of podcasts – so we decided to try it. Actually, Steve-O pitched the idea of a podcast five years ago and Cody blew him off.

Fast forward a few years and Cody had a unique idea for a podcast show. It took a few episodes to get into our groove but have been in love with it ever since. We wanted to create something that was a bit different than two guys sitting around talking about pop culture drinking excess libations. Together we came up with a format that was unique and different but most importantly, capitalized on both of our strengths – talking shit on other people.

3)      “Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug” is just fucking classic FYI. I hope your buddy can come on to tell more stories.

Chris is an amazing storyteller. We actually have an episode coming out with him soon that details an alien abduction he had. There is even a star map that he drew after the aliens dropped him off at his house that details their galaxy and planetary system. Think Ancient Aliens, but with more granular discussions such as alien sex positions and fifth dimension time travel.

4)      Are you guys podcast fans? What podcasts would you recommend to others that perhaps aren’t on everyone’s top 10 lists?

Steve-O is big on all the history podcasts but is also a huge Star Wars fan and loves the podcast, Star Wars in Character. Cody is really into self optimization shows like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, The Health Bridge by Pegram Shojai but is currently really into The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe which has some amazing stories pair with equally good writing and audio.

5)      Any other shameless self-promotion shout outs you want to give out (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

We are on the Twitter @TBlocked and on Facebook @talkblocked. We also have a YouTube channel that will be launching an animated series soon. Basically we are taking some of our best stories and creating short animations for them. Not as shitty as South Park, but not that much better (in terms of animation).


In conclusion, Talk Blocked is a welcome show to any podcast fan’s library. This is due to the quality of the audio, the quality of the hosts’ banter, and the quality of the episode content. It is also worth listening strictly to S1E11 purely as it is one of the best 42 minutes of any podcast ever that I have listened to. I wish Cody and Steve-O the best of luck in the future and hope that Talk Blocked finds the success they are looking for!

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