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The MMQB Podcast with Peter King: New Podcast Review

The MMQB Podcast with Peter King Logo

What is The MMQB Podcast with Peter King?

The MMQB Podcast with Peter King is a new Sports Illustrated podcast featuring Peter King, a prominent football writer.

The MMQB Podcast with Peter King launched on September 6, 2016. Three episodes dropped at once, and more are promised to be delivered weekly. It features King interviewing prominent football personalities – the first episodes include John Elway, Bruce Arians, Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Michael Bennett, and Vince Wilfork. If you have no clue who any of those individuals are, this podcast is probably not for you. However, if you’re the type of person that is remotely interested in the NFL, I recommend you read on.

Why does The MMQB Podcast with Peter King exist?

Sports Illustrated has recently been investing in the MMQB brand lately. The column received a whole spinoff site this year (head to for instance, and you only see a small Sports Illustrated logo). The brand is a trusted source of football analysis, so this was a wise move by Sports Illustrated. It was also recently announced that Peter King recently signed a multi-year contract extension with Sports Illustrated, so it comes as no surprise that the teams are looking to expand that brand to take advantage of that contract extension.

This comes to the podcasts. ESPN has really had a foothold in the Sports podcast world for as long as podcasts have been around. Almost all of the ESPN personalities and radio shows have podcasts (for better or for worse, but that’s for another story). Even their spin-off brands such as FiveThirtyEight and Grantland (RIP) have podcasts that are quite popular. So it’s no surprise that if Sports Illustrated were to compete with ESPN, it would have to be with one of their most prominent personalities.

This brings us to this specific podcast. It was announced on September 7 that Sports Illustrated is doubling down on their podcast offerings, with three new MMQB-specific podcasts. One is a re-branding of their existing The MMQB Podcast, which is now entitled The MMQB Podcast: 10 Things. This is a roundtable discussion with journalists discussing the topics and trends of the week. The second is The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer, featuring another MMQB reporter. It should be noted that as of writing this, there are no podcasts posted yet under this name. The last and final is The MMQB Podcast with Peter King. Sports Illustrated is confident that King’s ability for deep reporting and strong interviews will translate well into a solid podcast, and ultimately the ad dollars that follow.

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Who Hosts The MMQB Podcast with Peter King?

It’s clear from the title the podcast is hosted by Peter King, famed sportswriter for Sports Illustrated. If you’re unfamiliar with King, he writes the Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated and has been doing so for as long as I can remember. It is quite a good column, and the weekly publication allows for deep reporting and interviews by King. The column is also able to break through the “hot take” industry that so many sportswriters fall into today, so King is highly respected in the sports media world.

Review of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King

To thoroughly review The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, all three episodes that were released were listened to. These include:

  1. “John Elway, GM Denver Broncos, and Philip Rivers, QB San Diego Chargers”
  2. “Bruce Arians, Head Coach Arizona Cardinals, and Andy Dalton, QB Cincinnati Bengals”
  3. “Michael Bennett, DE Seattle Seahawks, and Vince Wilfork, NT Houston Texans”

The episodes follow a standard interview style, with Peter asking questions and follow-ups to his guest. There also interstitial ads scattered throughout the episodes as well.

What’s Right?

I had fairly low expectations walking into this review. The sports podcast world is crowded with all the ESPN podcasts, so what new could be brought to the table? I was pleasantly surprised to have been wrong, however. Peter’s interviews with his guests are deep, thoughtful, and above all entertaining. I suggested earlier in this review that his podcast could be compared to the political podcast The Axe Files, as the two podcasts both contain engaging interviews that try to understand their subject’s motivations and historical place. King is patient with his subjects, and asks interesting and relevant follow ups to each question to keep the interview going.

Peter describes in his podcast as they are attempting to make their episodes “evergreen”, that is, you could listen to them at any place in time and they would still be interesting and relevant. This is in line with the MMQB brand, as it delivers more than just the “hot takes” found in other podcasts. I believe that King is executing his vision well here, and it’s refreshing in an industry too willing to take the easy way out. For that, I salute Peter King and what he is trying to do here.

What Can Be Improved?

Honestly, not much. The podcast is of incredibly high quality, and I look forward to seeing what Peter King has in store. Obviously the podcast quality moving forward will depend on the type of guests that he has on, but Peter’s reputation in the industry will no doubt ensure that the podcast will be executed well, at least for this seasons.


In conclusion, this is a very engaging show. If you are a fan of NFL podcasts and are tired of the “hot takes” delivered by sports media today, I strongly recommend you listen. I also believe that if you are a fan of engaging, deep interviews, then this is also a must subscribe. All in all, I’m impressed by the podcast and look forward to listening in the future.

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